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ACIF was founded in 1968 and since then we have grown to become a prestigious school of languages, constantly incorporating new courses, resources, updating our methodology and always aiming for excellence in everything we do
Above all, we have worked and still work very hard to be a friendly and caring school where students receive a lot of personal attention and where learning is enjoyable.
We are accredited by SEA (Schools of English Association)

Acif location

We offer students a complete language learning experience in Buenos Aires: first- class teaching, social activities and full support and advice.
All our teachers are highly trained native speakers, hold a professional qualification and are experienced in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.
ACIF is placed very near Buenos Aires centre in one of the city’s most desirable suburbs. Our location gives students the possibility to work in a quieter area, which is well-known for its parks, coastline, water sports, open air activities as well as shopping centres and pubs.

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